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Love tequila? A toast to pollinating bats!

17th June, 2014 – Do you enjoy Tequila? Then you need to raise your glass to the pollinating bats that helped to make it! Here at Smithsonian Science we are celebrating Pollinator Week by exploring the world of pollinating bats.

Totally Wild – The Bat Whisperer

9th April 2012 – Airing on Australia’s Network Ten children’s program “Totally Wild”. Remember please do not handle bats without gloves or vaccination. A captive bat “George” was used for this segment, we never handle wild bats without gloves!

Discovering Microbats – how do we study these elusive creatures?

10th January, 2012 – Bat Ecologist Micaela Jemison from the Arthur Rylah Institute of Environmental Science gives us a behind the scenes look at the techniques used in her research of these fascinating creatures.


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Other Science Communication

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